Peacock Feather

peacock feather wedding dressPeacock, nature is the most beautiful bird. The springs are made from colors such as half moon glow light blue and green, etc., and gives a shimmering effect when light falls on them, which looks very much alive. Its feathers have many decorative uses.

Peacock feather make wonderful wedding decorations. They can be combined with wedding flowers tied to them with a gold metallic ribbon and give a nice effect to make a pretty bouquet. Peacock feather can be used in decorative masterpieces. Also, large springs beautiful vases look great, and if kept in the middle of the room lends an elegant look. One can also think about decorating the stage with flowers and peacock feather. Apart from the scene and even wedding cake can be decorated with mistresses feathers. Can make a few eyes of peacock feathers and flower clusters of hydrangeas, like purple and green cake topper excellent. Or a cake that looks like a peacock with metallic gold peacock feathers and fondant cherry eye catching look. Here are some additional options that can be incorporated peacock feather.

A new trend has started today a day of wedding dresses on the theme of peacock. Peacock lady can in many complementary colors like royal blue, teal and be dressed in green with peacock feather found buried in the dress makes it look elegant.

Crown of peacock feather can be a beautiful decoration for your home. A ring you'll need a straw wreath base the size of your choice. Take peacock feathers, depending on the size of the crown. Cut the spring until late spring, so it can be used in the base of crown. Gently put the springs in the ring and make it look elegant, you can use a belt and some flowers. Therefore, it is easy to make and the finished product comes out, very nice.

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